Synonyms and Antonyms for "figure"


 / noun


figure (phrase)

graphic image


Examples of Sentence contain "figure"

  • Now what? Your slow mind cannot figure out what I want?
  • He traced the outline of a figure in the sand.
  • They have been choosing this figure for the show.
  • I am looking over my revision to figure out which point I should revise it.
  • As a father, confirming your position as authoritative figure in the family is important to create boundaries for children.

Proverbs Contain "figure"

  • A lady has to be of the right cut and the right measure to make a pretty figure. (from Sicilian)
  • Figures don't lie, but sometimes liars figure. (from American)
  • A well-formed figure needs no cloak. (from Portuguese)
  • A good figure is better than a reference letter. (from French)