Synonyms and Antonyms for "look"


 / verb


Examples of Sentence contain "look"

  • She has two young calves that look remarkably like fawns without.
  • Look at page thirty!
  • Fleeing may make you look so weak, but it is for your own good.
  • Handi, look into the pocket, may be you put your key in there.
  • Can you look on the table?

Proverbs Contain "look"

  • If you want to know someone's character, look at the friends he keeps. (from Chinese)
  • On painting and fighting look aloof. (from British)
  • In prosperity look out for squalls. (from Latin)
  • If a girl seems as shy as a mouse, you still have to look out for the tiger within her. (from Chinese)
  • Though your enemy is the size of an ant, look upon him as an elephant. (from Danish)
  • Do not look for further good from good. (from Russian)