Synonyms and Antonyms for "pleased"


 / adjective


pleased (verb)

smile; laugh

Examples of Sentence contain "pleased"

  • He could do many things if he pleased.
  • The workers had been altering the wall colors several times before the homeowner felt pleased.
  • My niece‚Äôs pleased because she got her first job today.

Proverbs Contain "pleased"

  • God is better pleased with adverbs than with nouns. (from English)
  • He that is angry without a cause shall be pleased without amends. (from Romanian)
  • The one who pleased everybody died before they were born. (from Traditional)
  • He that sings himself is the best pleased. (from Danish)
  • The wolf is well pleased with the kick of a sheep. (from Portuguese)
  • Every fool is pleased with his bauble. (from Spanish)