Synonyms and Antonyms for "sign"


 / noun


Examples of Sentence contain "sign"

  • Family, friends and relatives of deaf children need to learn sign language so they won’t meet any problems in communication.
  • Joseph will direct this film if Caterine doesn’t sign the contract to direct the film.
  • The renter requests more time to read before he sign the contract.
  • The sign in the beach says ‘No Leaving Your Trash in The Beach’.
  • The lamp switch off on the spur of movement without any sign before.

Proverbs Contain "sign"

  • If the peasant doesn't hear the thunder he won't make the sign of the cross. (from Russian)
  • Don't sign a paper without reading it, or drink water without seeing it. (from Spanish)
  • Drink nothing without seeing it, sign nothing without reading it. (from Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Changing one's mind is more often a sign of prudence than of ignorance. (from Spanish)
  • To change one's mind is rather a sign of prudence than ignorance. (from Spanish)
  • Clouds do not always mean rain, but smoke is a sure sign of fire. (from African)