Synonyms and Antonyms for "banish"


 / ban-ish / ˈbanɪʃ / verb

banish is a regular verb / banish / banished / banished / banishing / banishes


Examples of Sentence contain "banish"

  • He was banished from his own country.
  • Banish fear and worries from your mind before trying something new.
  • The father will banish any family member who dares to question his authority and marry anyone from lesser social standing.

Proverbs Contain "banish"

  • Good deeds banish bad ones. (from Arabian)
  • Banish a strong man, banish a strong man but when there is war you will look for the strong man. (from African)
  • Good study and good care banish and break bad luck. (from Sicilian)
  • Reasonings banish reason. (from French)