Synonyms and Antonyms for "cheat"


 / cheat / tʃiːt / verb

cheat is a regular verb / cheat / cheated / cheated / cheating / cheats


Examples of Sentence contain "cheat"

  • Don’t cheat your brother regarding of your pocket money; I gave the same amounts for the two of you.
  • Your students will cheat during test if you do not create strong class rules and punishments.

Proverbs Contain "cheat"

  • In marriage cheat who can. (from French)
  • He who would cheat a peasant, must take one with him. (from German)
  • He who cheats a cheat and robs a thief, earns a dispensation for 100 years. (from German)
  • The cheat always lies at the feet of the cheated. (from Italian)
  • He who would cheat the fox must rise early. (from Spanish)
  • Cheat me in the price, but not in the goods. (from English)