Synonyms and Antonyms for "deliver"


 / de-liv-er / dɪˈlɪvə / verb

deliver is a regular verb / deliver / delivered / delivered / delivering / delivers


deliver (verb)

bring to a destination

deliver (verb)

free; release

deliver (noun)

despatch; delivery

deliver (phrase)

hand over

Strong Synonyms

Examples of Sentence contain "deliver"

  • The jury delivered a verdict of not guilty.
  • He will deliver his book to me this night.
  • She had been outriding that police officer, but she was too late to deliver the warning.
  • I have been rereading the old magazines before the new one was finally delivered.
  • A good public speaker agitates his audiences to pay more attention to the issues he deliver.

Proverbs Contain "deliver"

  • One should not send a cat to deliver cream. (from Yiddish)
  • Some sell and don't deliver. (from French)
  • God deliver me from a man of one book. (from Spanish)
  • If you do good to the Devil, out of gratitude he will deliver you to hell. (from Czech)
  • God deliver us from a gentleman by day and a friar by night. (from Spanish)
  • From a silent man, and a dog that does not bark, deliver us. (from Spanish)