Synonyms and Antonyms for "deposit"


 / verb, noun

deposit is a regular verb / deposit / deposited / deposited / depositing / deposits


deposit (verb)

put or store something somewhere firmly

deposit (noun)

a facility where things can be deposited for safekeeping

deposit (noun)

alluvium; sediment

deposit (noun)


deposit (noun)

fund; stock

deposit (phrase)

put away

Strong Synonyms

Examples of Sentence contain "deposit"

  • My brother would deposit his schoolbooks.
  • When I was there, Richard was depositing his money in BB Bank at 09.00 am last week.
  • You must deposit your money in that trusted bank.
  • She deposited the suitcase on the bench.
  • This new company will be depositing the first profit from the first month.

Proverbs Contain "deposit"

  • A good payer will not object to leaving a deposit. (from Spanish)
  • You surrender your freedom where you deposit your secret. (from Spanish)