Synonyms and Antonyms for "describe"


 / verb

describe is a regular verb / describe / described / described / describing / describes


Examples of Sentence contain "describe"

  • We would describe the house for you but you left sooner.
  • Leaving someone alone while he or she is afraid of something doesn’t describe you as a gentleman.
  • Handwriting something can describe a one’s personality.
  • Please describe exactly to the court what you saw!
  • Overworking in Japan is so bad, they even have special name to describe death from working.

Proverbs Contain "describe"

  • To describe a person who has just gotten out from a precarious situation just to get into another precarious situation. (from Indonesian)
  • Describe, usually with regret, something that has already happenned and is irreversible. (from Indonesian)
  • To describe a unity of a society. (from Indonesian)