Synonyms and Antonyms for "different"


 / adjective


different (adjective)

differing from all others; not ordinary

different (adjective)

individual; single

different (adverb)


different (phrase)

not same

Strong Synonyms

Examples of Sentence contain "different"

  • The students were analyzing different types of flowers for summer class project.
  • There were four books on the bookshelf. Each book was a different color.
  • That is because singing modern songs and classic songs is different.
  • It is different with other projects you have been riding for.
  • None of the rooms was the same. Each of them was different.

Proverbs Contain "different"

  • A life of leisure and a life of laziness are different things. (from American)
  • Different times different manners. (from Italian)
  • Seeing is different than being told. (from African)
  • Change seeds taking them from different calabashes. (from Kikuyu)
  • Two guests love a different song. (from Kikuyu)
  • The bailiff's cow and another's cow are two different cows. (from German)