Synonyms and Antonyms for "discuss"


 / dis-cuss / dɪˈskʌs / verb

discuss is a regular verb / discuss / discussed / discussed / discussing / discusses
discuss can be as noun / singular noun discussion / plural noun discussions


Examples of Sentence contain "discuss"

  • A group of students discuss about their research in finding the close relationship between the migration of the animals in the Alaska when the winter comes and the cause of the death of many endemic animals.
  • I want to discuss about the possibility of doing overseas project.
  • Can we discuss of our homework today?
  • Our director will chat with us over Skype at 10 AM to discuss about the progress of our project.
  • Peter will discuss about the lesson with you this night.

Proverbs Contain "discuss"

  • When men discuss the things which are to be, the rats laugh in the rafters. (from Chinese)
  • You should discuss over a dog's hide when it concerns your interest. (from Somali)
  • When the snake is in the house, one need not discuss the matter at length. (from Somali)
  • When the deal is done, discuss it no more; it is difficult to collect dispersed water. (from Chinese)
  • While we discuss matters, the opportunity passes by. (from Latin)
  • Bread and bird: we don't discuss house business. (from Corsican)