Synonyms and Antonyms for "disturb"


 / dis-turb / dɪˈstəːb / verb

disturb is a regular verb / disturb / disturbed / disturbed / disturbing / disturbs


Examples of Sentence contain "disturb"

  • You can disturb him if you call him at a work time.
  • You make my blood boil because you always disturb me.
  • That old house would disturb the view if you cannot take the right angle.
  • She is angry due to they disturb her.
  • Sorry, I have to avoid you because I won’t to disturb you.

Proverbs Contain "disturb"

  • There are people that fish and those who just disturb the water. (from Chinese)
  • You disturb monkeys on their way to drink. (from Xhosa)
  • Naught must disturb a man of worth at dinner. (from French)
  • Never let what you don't know disturb your faith in what you do know. (from Puritan)
  • Favour and gifts disturb justice. (from Danish)
  • The barking of a dog does not disturb the man on a camel. (from Egyptian)