Synonyms and Antonyms for "empty"


 / emp-ty / ˈɛm(p)ti / noun, verb

empty can be as a regular verb / empty / emptied / emptied / emptying / empties


Examples of Sentence contain "empty"

  • The empty tube makes the loudest sound.
  • Now! Empty this building!
  • The gauge read empty.
  • I will empty this box from the content.
  • Mr. James field is quite empty comparing to its size, where there are only a few ewes with their young lambs.

Proverbs Contain "empty"

  • A person who talks a lot usually is empty inside. (from Indonesian)
  • Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach. (from Japanese)
  • Empty casks make the most noise. (from French)
  • It's the empty can that makes the most noise. (from English)
  • Alms do not empty the purse, and a mass does not exhaust the day's duty. (from Danish)
  • With empty hand no man should hawks allure. (from Scotch)