Synonyms and Antonyms for "good"


 / good / ɡʊd / adjective, interjection

adjective degree for good is good, better, and best.


Examples of Sentence contain "good"

  • Some mini garden in there and you can get good picture in my new café.
  • Being rich is not impossible as long as you have good management in financial.
  • That was not good water for them to drink.
  • Good job, Rick. Glad to hear that.
  • The Queen is always has good attitude.

Proverbs Contain "good"

  • The quince is for fiancees who are fighting and the azarole for good people. (from Sicilian)
  • Good-will should be tane in part of payment. (from Scotch)
  • There is only one good - knowledge; there is only one evil - ignorance. (from Russian)
  • Never do ill that good may come. (from Scottish)
  • A good tree bears good fruit. (from German)
  • A good horse and a bad horse need the spur; a good woman and a bad woman need the stick. (from Italian)