Synonyms and Antonyms for "judge"


 / noun, verb


Examples of Sentence contain "judge"

  • He won because he cheated and I will report it to the judge.
  • The victim’s family members were pleading with the judge to give the harshest sentence.
  • Answer the judge question truthfully.
  • He forswears in front of the judge.
  • Don't judge carelessly.

Proverbs Contain "judge"

  • A blind man should not judge of colours. (from Scotch)
  • Don't ask a dog to judge between a pillar and a tree. (from Darkovan)
  • Never judge a reindeer from close by when you got it from a rich man because you may find that some of the antlers are missing. (from Finnish)
  • Never judge from appearances. (from Traditional)
  • Success to you! God speed the craft! as the hangman said to the judge. (from German)
  • Those who judge before they know the facts will learn to shed tears. (from African)