Synonyms and Antonyms for "kill"


 / kill / kɪl / verb

kill is a regular verb / kill / killed / killed / killing / kills


kill (verb)

eliminate of existence

kill (verb)

cause to cease operating

kill (noun)


Examples of Sentence contain "kill"

  • I was bothered by the lice that lived in the old sofa at the corner of the room, so that I bought some pesticides to kill them.
  • She kill him because he is her enemy.
  • Don’t kill him please, he is my brother.
  • The scientists are ridding the people of this city of viruses that are able to kill a human in minutes.
  • When hunting in the woods, he success kill two antelopes.

Proverbs Contain "kill"

  • Fresh pork and new wine kill a man before his time. (from English)
  • You can kill a dog more way than by choking it with butter. (from Irish)
  • Other folks' cares kill the ass. (from Spanish)
  • Kill a chicken before a monkey. (from Chinese)
  • One finger alone cannot even kill a louse. (from Kenyan)
  • If an insect as ever bit you when you see it, you kill it or run away. (from African)