Synonyms and Antonyms for "sad"


 / sad / adjective


Examples of Sentence contain "sad"

  • I am really sad because I was left by my girlfriend.
  • Can feel sad and can feel happy.
  • Both drama movies are so sad.
  • Has she had a quarrel with him? She looks so sad.
  • We were losing that game. We would go home with a sad face.

Proverbs Contain "sad"

  • Only he who understands is really sad. (from Arabian)
  • More sad than Al Khansaa' for Sakhr. (from Arabian)
  • Dead song-birds make a sad meal. (from Chinese)
  • Dead songbirds make a sad meal. (from Chinese)
  • Agrigento is a good land with sad people. (from Sicilian)
  • As lang lives the merry man as the sad. (from Scottish)